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Focused training with elite swimming coaches is the key to succeeding in the pool. One-on-one or in a group, our specially designed programs will turn weaknesses into strengths, enhance technique and increase confidence.

Our swimming program is designed to give everyone, from toddlers and young children to teenagers and adults, all the aquatic skills they need to fully enjoy one of Hong Kong’s most popular sports.


Whether swimming socially or competitively, individually or in a team, our professional coaches carefully monitor the performance of every swimmer to ensure they reach their maximum potential.


Especially in demand are our pre-preparatory classes as a number of international schools expect their students to have basic swimming skills by Primary One. Upon completion of each program, swimmers receive certificates to celebrate their achievements and recognize performance.


We also offer training in lifesaving and triathlon swimming techniques. Through our lifesaving course, attendees undergo classes that teach them crucial lifesaving skills and enhance their overall safety awareness. The training course focusing on triathlon swimming techniques is ideal for those interested in improving their performance in cross harbour or open water environments.


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